The Winery

The Carefully and considered handling of nature is particularly important. We’ve had that since we were little. This means that we do not use any chemical additives at all when working the soil. Because only healthy Plants can best protect themselves against external influences.

We also attach great importance to the active and sufficient supply of the soil. This takes place predominantly biologically. We also resort to new methods, such as the confusion method, so that, for example, the grape winders do not find each other in the first place and can therefore multiply less.

Plant protection is undoubtedly the greatest challenge for us winegrowers. We only help our vines with the most necessary aids and try to protect them as well as possible.

Our philosophy is to strengthen the vines to such an extent that they can provide us with healthy and ripe grape material for our wines until the harvest.

Because: „The quality grows in the vineyard!”

At the same time, we strive to bring this quality into the bottle with modern technology and patience. Here we try to gently and passionately produce a great end product for our guests.