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The history of our family business began no less than 150 years ago. From a traditional mixed agricultural farm of the great-grandparents with a focus on farming and livestock farming, the business evolved into a sustainably certified winery.

The current generation recognized the rich potential of our land and set the first milestone for today’s wine production.

Christian Kittenberger

From an early age, wine was omnipresent for me. My grandfather – a true “winegrower” by trade – took me to the vineyards almost every day. That’s how I got to know and appreciate the contact with nature at an early age.

This time-honored knowledge, combined with my school education and various internships at home and abroad, now forms the foundation for our wines. Every year I get the finishing touches at the winery school in Krems where I have been working as a cellar master since 2009.


Here, and especially in the research area, I was able to live out my love of experimentation and thus take away a lot for home. Finally, since 2019, I have been able to manage the parental family winery and hopefully lead it together into a successful future!